Dog Training & Obedience

Pet Dog Training thru Competition Classes
Tuesday Nights: click here for class times

New dogs require a health certificate filled out and signed by a vet before the first night of class. Click here to download a copy.

Class Fees, $120.00 for 8 week class

Pet Dog Training

Basic 1
Basic 2

Novice Obedience

Competition Classes

Individual Utility Sessions
Novice Obedience
Competition Novice  
Competition Open Class

Pet Dog Training

Lyons offers pet dog training classes using positive reienforcement techniques for both purebred dogs and mixed breed dogs consisting of eight (“8”) weekly sessions (including an orientation without their dogs) for owners and handlers.


Basic 1

For puppies (10 weeks & up) and young dogs without prior training. We want training to be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog. This class uses progressive positive motivation training techniques.  The techniques we introduce are focus, impulse control, foundation skills and targeting. These will greatly help you  communicate with your dog.  Our Basic training works to have your dog socialize with other dogs, learn to walk well on a leash, sit, lie down and come when called.   Instructors will also assist you in redirecting unwanted behaviors, such as, chewing, barking, mouthing, jumping, digging, etc.  You will receive weekly practice sheets for continued training during the week.This class will prepare you to qualify for the AKC STAR Puppy.
The first night of class is an orientation without dogs.
Don’t forget your health certificate! Click here to download one

Basic 2 

For dogs that have completed the LTDTC Basic 1.  This class is a continuation of Basic 1 to further develop foundation skills, teaching you how to gain greater control of your  dog and developing the dog and handler into a working team. This class will prepare you to qualify for the AKC Canine Good Citizen title.You will receive weekly practice sheets for continued training during the week. If you have not completed LTDTC Basic 1 an evaluation by the Director of Training is required for entry into the Basic 2 class.

Novice Obedience

The skills developed in this class will greatly improve life with your dog and are a path to further development for advanced obedience exercises. This class will help your dog gain additional skills and learn to work with you as a team.  The class is designed to enhance the skill from the Basic classes.  Good footwork, hand positions and verbal signals are practiced.  Handling skills are enhanced.  The long distance recall, finish, figure 8, heeling on lead, sit for exam, stand for exam, 1 minute sits and 3 minute downs are practiced in this class.  Other obedience skills that will be introduced and developed are:  retrieving with toys and/or dumbbells and low impact jumping.  This class will work on skills for the Beginner Novice title and beyond
Prerequisite: Basic 2 class skills or with approval of an LTDTC instructor or the LTDTC Director of Training
Owners who have trained with their dogs at other facilities will be evaluated for placement at the appropriate class level.

Competition Classes:

  • Competition Novice 
  • Open Competition 
  • Utility sessions of 15 minutes are offered on an individual basis with the instructor
Competition Novice
This class works on skills for the Novice Ttile (Companion Dog). The class will also begin developing the handler/dog skills for more advanced exercises.  This will keep the dog and handler involved in new areas, offering new challenges and keeping the dog from being bored with repetition of training on the same exercises every week.

Open Class

This class works on skills for the Open Title (Companion Dog Excellent).  The class will also begin developing the handler/dog skills for more advanced exercises. 

Utility (One On One)

This class works on skills for the Utility Title (Utility Dog).  15 minute sessions are scheduled on an individual basis with the instructor. 

Also Available at Lyons 

Drop-In training for Competition Obedience classes is available at $10.00 per per evening. See calendar for class dates, session times, and registration deadlines.

Owners wishing to preview classes prior to registering are invited to visit The Odeum on any regular scheduled class night. Please do not bring your dog.